Tilberthwaite & Townhead Tweed:

both tweeds are based on darkest Hogg fleece from the first shearing

Darkest Townhead Tweed is framed with Tilberthwaite Tweed.
Tilberthwaite Tweed had Herdwick Herringbone as the frame.

Cushions have feather pads. Sold in pairs of any combination. 

£130 a pair incl. UK mailing

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Townhead Tweed with Tilberthwaite piping
Tilberthwaite with Townhead behind
Townhead with Tilberthwaite behind
Stack of Townhead Tweed
Stack of Tilberthwaite Tweed
2 Tilberthwaite with 1 Herringbone
Townhead Tweed & Humble Tweed
2 Humble Tweed and 1 Townhead Tweed