Farfield Mill Eucalyptus Trees:

leaves eco printed with Turkey Oak from Castle Cottage, Near Sawrey.

David McDowell wove pure pale Herdwick tweed at Farfield Mill. Deborah Dawn wanted to connect the tweed with its origin by using leaves from Farfield's eucalyptus tree alongside those of Turkey Oak from Castle Cottage.
The print made seven individual cushions with Herdwick Herringbone tweed on the reverse.
Individually they are £85 or paired with a plain cushion in Herdwick Herringbone piped in Townhead Tweed at £150. Feather pads. They measure 40 to 43cm.

Each cushion has its specific number in the photographs.

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Limited Print Number Two
Limited Print Number Three
Limited Print Number Four
Limited Print Number Five
Eucalyptus in detail
Individually crafted
Side view with Herdwick herringbone tweed